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The primary objective of Polish Chamber of Steelwork activity is promotion, representation, protection of interests and building a positive image of member companies.

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General Assembly of the Polish Chamber of Steelwork – June 18th, 2019, Ryn Castle

On June 18, 2019, the 24th General Assembly of the Polish Chamber of Steelwork took place in the exceptional Hotel Ryn Castle in Masuria.

The General Meeting was opened by the President of the Polish Chamber of Steelwork Zbigniew Barłóg, who also served as a chairman of the meeting. According to the agenda, the following were appointed: deputy chairman (Jerzy Kosior – JOTUN POLSKA sp.z o.o.), secretary (Jolanta Podobas – Polish Chamber of Steelwork) and a recording clerk (Bartłomiej Podobas – Polish Chamber of Steelwork).

A summary of the past year in the activity of PIKS was presented by Maciej Ślusarski from the Chamber Office. The report on operations has been unanimously approved by the General Meeting.

Then the election of the new vice presidents of the Chamber took place. After counting the votes, the chairman of the Remuneration Committee Mr. Remigiusz Napierała announced the results. The new Vice Presidents of PIKS were elected:
• Andrzej Hojna, Mostostal Siedlce sp.z o.o. sp.k.
• Michał Woźniczka, Energoprojekt-Katowice S.A.

In the evening of the same day, after the proceedings, an integration meeting took place, during which participants could take advantage of the attractions prepared by the Castle Ryn, including bowling, billiards, a golf academy and a casino.