Polska Izba Konstrukcji Stalowych

The primary objective of Polish Chamber of Steelwork activity is promotion, representation, protection of interests and building a positive image of member companies.

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About us

The Polish Chamber of Steelworks is a self-regulatory organization established in June 1996 by 115 founding members associating, in different periods, 125-150 companies of various size, ownership status and activity profile, including:

  • Steel structure manufacturers and assembly companies,
  • Companies cooperating in production and distribution of steel, aluminium systems and lightweight casing, technology and fasteners and welding materials as well as deliveries and services with respect to corrosion protection and fire safety,
  • Scientific, research, design and specialist entities.

The primary objective of the Polish Chamber of Steelworks activity is promotion, representation, protection of interests and building a positive image of member companies, in particular:

  • Participation in shaping economic policy as well as creating and modernizing standards, procedures and provisions of law,
  • Popularization of metal structures,
  • Organization of conferences, fairs, shows, training workshops and foreign cooperation, promotion of quality standards, reliability as well as professional and commercial ethics.

The Chamber holds or participates in organizing conferences, shows and fairs, seminars, problem-based workshops, in particular:

  • TECHNICAL CONFERENCE organized by the Polish Chamber o Steelworks held in August, focused on issues of great technical, business and integration importance for the industry;
  • The Polish Chamber of Steelworks CONGRESS held in October and addressed to managerial staff;
  • AUTOSTRADA POLSKA trade shows in Kielce and BUDMA as well as INNOVATIONS-TECHNOLOGIES-MACHINES in Poznań.

In building a positive image –confirming reliability and credibility of steel structure manufacturers as well as cooperating and partner companies – a special role play:

  • Certificates established by the Polish Chamber of Steelworks and granted in line with an agreed procedure;
  • STEEL STRUCTURE – REALIZATION OF THE YEAR competition, an honorary award and a statuette.

Publications constitute a highly important part of the Chamber’s activity:

  • STEEL STRUCTURES” a bimonthly magazine for publishing news, technical novelties, results of scientific and technical as well as organizational research, stories of people and events, and above all, promoting companies and the industry;
  • Analytical “SECTOR ECONOMIC GUIDE” released annually, a report based on current macroeconomic information, statistical data and most important survey data obtained directly from companies operating in our industry and giving the picture of the steel structures market
  • COMPANY DIRECTORY” includes offers of member companies to facilitate establishing business contacts and promote companies. The directory is reviewed and updated every two years.

We invite you to do business with us. To get information regarding subscription and purchase of publications, membership and other issues contact the Chamber’s Office. If you are interested in placing advertisements and notices address our Agency.