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The primary objective of Polish Chamber of Steelwork activity is promotion, representation, protection of interests and building a positive image of member companies.

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XVII PIKS Congress

The 17th PIKS Congress is behind us! As every year, this largest industry event was a place of important talks and exchange of opinions. Representatives of three large industry segments met in Józefów near Warsaw: steel construction, wind energy and railways. Debated include about the future and development of these markets, as well as the situation of the global economy.

The event was opened by Zbigniew Barłóg (METALBARK sp.z o.o.), the President of PIKS, who welcomed the participants and at the same time pointed out the special guests of the Congress present in the hall. Then he invited Zbigniew Gryglas – Chairman of the Parliamentary Team for Offshore Wind Energy to the stage.

The program of the 17th PIKS Congress was divided into two sessions – in accordance with the adopted assumption, the first was entirely devoted to offshore wind energy, while the second was devoted to railways. Each session had its moderator – Irena Gajewska from the Polish Wind Energy Association led the first part of the meeting, while Jakub Majewski, President of the ProKolej Foundation the second.

The first session of the Congress ended with a debate on how to effectively support the Polish supply chain for offshore wind energy. The conversation was attended by:

  • Irena Gajewska – Polish Wind Energy Association (Moderator);
  • Zbigniew Gryglas – Parliamentary Team for Offshore Wind Energy;
  • Arkadiusz Aszyk – MOSTOSTAL POMORZE S.A .;
  • Mariusz Batura – GOTECH sp.z o.o .;
  • Jakub Budzyński – Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society.

In turn, the session devoted to railways ended with a debate in which they participated:

  • dr Jakub Majewski – ProKolej Foundation (Moderator);
  • Andrzej Wach – PORR S.A .;
  • Piotr Malepszak – Central Communication Port sp.z o.o .;
  • Rafał Frączek – Railway Road Office of PKP PLK S.A .;
  • Szymon Grabowski – Biuro Inwestycji PKP S.A.

This year’s special guest of the Congress was dr Janusz Steinhoff – politician, economic expert, member of the Sejm of the 10th and 1st term, as well as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy in the government of Jerzy Buzek. Janusz Steinhoff made a specific summary of the Polish economy after 1989. He indicated what had been successful in Poland after the political transformation and what could have been done better, and also assessed the current economic condition of our country.

The substantive part of the Congress ended with a coffee break, after which the participants went for a short rest. In the evening there was a gala.

The substantive part of the Congress ended with a coffee break, after which the participants went for a short rest. In the evening there was a solemn Gala, which is an indispensable part of the Congress of the Polish Chamber of Steel Structures. During the meeting Certificates of the Steel Structure Manufacturer and Co-producer are granted. The result of the Competition “Steel Construction – Implementation of the Year” is also announced.

The representatives of the Chamber’s member companies received the renewal of Steel Structures Manufacturer’s Certificates:

  • Marek Kotarba – STACO POLSKA sp. z o.o.,
  • Tadeusz Demendecki – KRATY MOSTOSTAL KRAKÓW sp. z o.o.,
  • Bogusław Lipiński – MOSTOSTAL SIEDLCE spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa
  • Grzegorz Zbroja – KONSTALEX sp. z o.o.

For the first time, the Steel Construction Co-Producer Certificate was awarded to CONSTRUSOFT sp.z o.o. The certificate was collected by Jitka Kochtova, CEO of CONSTRUSOFT.

During the Gala, the results of the Competition “Steel Construction Implementation of the Year” were also announced, which aims to promote objects constructed with significant use of steel and stand out in terms of usability and aesthetics. The voting in which the Chamber’s member companies take is won this year by the company EKO-INŻ Misztal sp. j. from Pińczów, responsible for the implementation of the project, production and supply of two units for crude oil cracking to the investor – Azerbaijani State Fuel Company SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic).

After the official part of the gala, the performance of artists from the Galitsyna Art Group began, known among others from the television program Mam Talent. Congress participants admired the sand painting show and the so-called speed paiting. After the attractions provided by the organizers, the gala turned into a slightly less formal meeting, which lasted until late at night.