Polska Izba Konstrukcji Stalowych

The primary objective of Polish Chamber of Steelwork activity is promotion, representation, protection of interests and building a positive image of member companies.

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Events caldendar in 2016

We invite you to read the calendar of events organized by Polish Chamber of Steelwork and planned for 2016!

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This year will be special for Chamber because of two decades of it’s existence. The occasion for the celebration of this anniversary will be the General Meeting of the Members, organized as a two-day event in Mikorzyn.

In addition to the events on which Chamber has been present for years (including BUDMA, AUTOSTRADAPOLSKA, ITM) in 2016 we will appear for the first time at the National Workshops for Construction Designers in Szczyrk (24-27.02). In the following months there will be new initiatives continued in March second workshop in the Manager Academy series, and in August  the second Technical Conference in Cedzyna.

We cordially invite you to participate in our events!

Information about events is provided by Bureau of the Chamber.